Dr. Tracy Larson
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
                                     Enrollment Information

The information
provided will be used
in order to determine
eligibility for various
projects. Publishing
companies need to
match the
demographics of the
sample used to
standardize their tests
as closely as possible
to the population of the
United States in terms
of age, race, ethnicity, education level, and disability status.
In order to be added to our master list of potential volunteers, please provide us with the following information for each individual who would like to participate:
    - Name

    - Date of Birth

    - Ethnicity and Gender

    - Grade (if in school) or last grade completed

    - Parent's educational level (if 24 years of age or younger)

    - Disability or Exceptionality
(Please be prepared to provide documentation)

Enroll using our Online Form or print our Volunteer Participation Form and return it to my office.

Professional Recruitment Information

If you are a professional interested in joining our testing site team, please contact Dr. Tracy Larson to schedule an appointment for an interview. Psychologists, Teachers with a Graduate Level Assessment course, Speech/Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Graduate Students in the above areas can participate in many projects. People with testing experience though no graduate level coursework may be able to participate in some projects with supervision.
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